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Utah’s Great Green River with Gordon Tharrett


Not too far from southern California is the trout-filled Green River, which flows from the bottom of the Flaming Gorge Dam near St. John, Utah. The Flaming Gorge Reservoir and “The Green” straddle the near-borders of Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. As this river slices out from the dam through the beautiful Uinta Mountain Range, digging out a stunning red rock canyon on its journey to join the Colorado River, it creates a fly fishing paradise known around the world as one of the truly premier trout streams.  The population of rainbow, cutthroat and brown trout is estimated at between eight and 22,000 per mile, with the dam’s release of steady-temperature water nurturing all of them.  This consistently flowing cold, clear water and the associated plant life and  abundance of insects are just a few of the reasons for a phenomenal growth rate of one to two inches per month.  


Our guide on this amazing Green River adventure is Gordon Tharrett. Gordon started guiding for the legendary Denny Breer of Trout Creek Flies Fly Shop and Green River Outfitters back in the early 90s, planning to stay a couple years. He’s been there ever since . . . and that beginning of his Green River guiding career was 24 years ago. But Gordon has guided in such diverse locations as New York, Tennessee, Idaho, Alaska, Canada, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina, so he is definitely an experienced fly fishing guide and not a “one-river” guide. 


Gordon was born in upstate New York, the youngest of five siblings, and grew up just a five minute walk from the St. Regis River, where he started fly fishing with his grandfather. When he was 12-years-old on a fishing trip with his grandfather and an older brother to the Ausable River in Wilmington, NY, they stopped at the Adirondack Sport Shop that was owned by Fran Betters. There Gordon met Joan and Lee Wulff, who, to this day, are idols of his.  Gordon has spent his life in our sport and loves all of it, but especially the Green. 


So if you want to learn all about this great river, its abundant hatches, its three sections (Red Canyon -- seven miles long, Devil’s Hole -- nine miles and Browns Park -- 12 miles), its stunning beauty and diversity, what tackle you should use and what are the best tactics for fishing this mecca of fly fishing, join Gordon at our June meeting and enjoy his lovely presentation. To learn more about Gordon and what he does, go to: